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SEND Newsletter Spring 21

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Information Report

At St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we will help your child achieve the very best they can at school. Parents sometimes feel that their child may need some additional support or help for some or all of their time at school.

This information is to inform you of the types of support available for your child at our school and how this support can be accessed.

Please also refer to our school  SEN Policy and  Accessibility Plan

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Mrs Mary Leach. She can be contacted by telephone or email via the school office.


 Recent changes in SEND Legislation

The changes in the Children and Families Bill affect the way children with special educational needs (SEN) are supported in schools. The new approach began in September 2014 and places children at the centre of planning.  The key principles of the new legislation are:

  1. Young people and their families should be involved in discussions about the support they need, so they can share their knowledge and feed back to the school on the young person’s progress.
  2. Education, health and care plans (EHC) will replace Statements of Special Educational Needs.
  3. School Action and School Action Plus have been replaced by one school based category of need known as ‘Special Education Needs Support’ (SEN Support). All children are closely monitored and their progress tracked each term.  Those at SEN Support are additionally tracked by the SENCo.
  4. The SEND CoP 2014 outlines four broad categories of SEND:
  • Communication and interaction (such as autistic spectrum and language disorders)
  • Cognition and learning (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia, moderate learning difficulties and global development delay)
  • Social, emotional and mental health (such as ADHD, ADD, attachment disorders, emotional difficulties, mental health difficulties)
  • Physical and sensory (such as hearing or vision impaired)

At St Patrick’s, we currently provide for, or anticipate providing for children within all of these SEND categories. 

What is The Local Offer?

What should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs and/or requires additional help at school?

How does the school identify and assess the needs of children with SEND?

What will happen if my child is identified as having special educational needs?

How will St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School support my child and how will this be decided?

What are our arrangements for assessing and reviewing children’s progress towards outcomes?

What is our approach to teaching pupils with SEND?

How is the curriculum and learning environment adapted to my child’s needs?

How do we involve the parents of children with SEND and involve them in their child’s education?

How to we consult with our children with SEND and involve them in their education?

What are our arrangements for supporting pupils moving between phases of education?

What expertise and training do staff have, in meeting pupils' SEND and how do we secure specialist expertise?

How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our provision for pupils with SEN?

What support is available for my child’s overall well-being?

How will my child be included in activities outside of the classroom including school trips?

What should I do if I have a complaint about the provision made at school for my child?