Prayer is a central part of school life at St Patrick’s.

We are very fortunate to have a Prayer Room that forms a part of the spiritual life in our School. Prayer groups, class Collective Worship and other liturgies are held there and it provides the opportunity for personal prayer for children with family or friendship problems or grief. The staff are also encouraged to use this space and parents have the opportunity to visit the prayer room e.g. if there has been a family death.

The prayer room is used for:

  • Friday prayers led by the Y6 Chaplaincy Team weekly;
  • Class liturgies;
  • As a quiet, calm, reflective space for children who sometimes need a bit of space away from the classroom or playground;
  • Weekly reflections during Lent and Advent. Children are also invited to the prayer room in October and May for lunchtime decades of the Rosary.

The Prayer Room is a safe, secure area of the school where the Y6 pupils lead prayer sessions for the younger children. The children are given the opportunity to pray using different purposes of prayer: showing love to God; giving thanks; saying sorry and asking for help.