Headteacher’s Welcome

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our School.

St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School is a school for boys and girls between the ages of three and eleven. During their time here they will learn the skills and attitudes that will determine their future. The staff will aim to identify and promote them to the full. We believe that the children learn best in an atmosphere that embodies discipline and structure and emphasis is placed on raising the self esteem of each child and developing a sense of responsibility for those around them.

St. Patrick’s is a Catholic School. We endeavour to create a community that has the teachings of Jesus Christ at its heart, expressed through the sacramental tradition of the Catholic Church. Catholic Schools offer a different way of searching for meaning in life from what is becoming a very self centred and material view of the world in which we live. This ‘ethos’ permeates all areas of school life, not just the liturgies and prayers. If you are viewing this site with a view to sending your children to the school you must consider the religious side of the school carefully and how it relates to your family’s own faith tradition.

I look forward to meeting you and your children.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte Lynch

St. Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy